Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Short and sweet

Hiya folks...
I don't have much to say.. But i wanted to say something.. So here i am.
I guess that really is all i have to say right now.
I just don't want to go too many days without posing.
Eventually, i'll get back into the groove.
It's really great to see y'all again.  Really.
I hope you're all happy in your worlds

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Plans ? What plans ?

Hiya peeps.
What's goin on in your worlds today ?  Here?  Well, here is the 'setting' round here ... I'm sittin here on my couch, same spot i seem to spend way too much time lately.  I am finishing up some beyond lukewarm coffee, with Chewie softly snoring beside me.  The TV is on, but I'm not paing attention...it is 'world's dumbest, or Most Shocking' or some such thing.  
I went to bed last night with Plans... Ummm, yes, i said it. Plans... That hubby, Chewie, and I would be heading out to our timeshare for a few days today.
Originally, it would have been for a week.  But, yeh... Hubby is now a decoy, at dog training.  You know, the guy that wears the big padded 'bite suit' - and gets 'attcked' by dogs. ;)). Well,  next weekend there is a dog trial, and he has to be a decoy in it.  So our week had already been cut short, in our 'Plans' .
Also... My child..who is no longer a child ... If she happened to grow up without your knowledge? Soulkid is now 20 years old.  Uuugggh.   She also happens to be three hours away, in Austin, visiting friends.  She went there on wednesday.. Thursday she called to make us aware that her power steering fluid was leaking like a siv.  So bad it was making noise, and causing steering problems.  Upon my urging for her to come home..before it could get worse..she continued to refuse.  AND NOW?  By the minute, it is getting worse.  She is continually pouring PS fluid in, and power steering fluid is continuing to leak/ pour out.  :((. ( deep, heavy, SIGH). We have no idea if it is a hose, a line, a pump, the container, the rack and pinion????   She won't take or send photos to her dad.  She can't grasp our worry or concern.  GOOD THING?  She will be coming home in a couple hours, hubby can head out and meet her half way or so... And hopefully fix it and get her home safely.
So... When i woke up this morning, with a deep sore throat, and my period, and all that fun lady stuff... It just clinched it.  Don't make plans Soul.  Ever.  You know better.
Take care of the kid, the car, the Chew... And just take things as they come.
This is Life on Life's Terms.  No other way i guess.
Stay in the now...
So this is my now

What's up in your NOW ?
Have a happy day in your world y'all

And look at this photo... This is Josie Two Shoes..
My Joz .. When she and her hubby stopped in town and had dinner a few months ago with me, hubby, and the infamous Chewie. ;))

I love this pic !

Friday, April 25, 2014

So, i have this really cool friend

(I can't edit this - the HTML CODE at the bottom, is for the fundraiser 'widget on your right. ;0. Sorry ). Feel free to copy, paste and add it to your blog.. Ask your friends to share too.. If ya want.  :))

I really do love her.  I guess y'all have watched her grow up in pictures on facebook.
You've also seen and 'heard' / read , the many ways she changed ME.

With her my life gained a purpose, a routine, and wile training her, and watching her learn
So fast, and be so willing to please me, i gained a confidence i hadn't felt in years.

She is my companion, my friend, my confidant, my soul. My everything.  We are together all the time.  If i am home she is with me, if i go, she goes.  If i go somewhere she goes too.  She sits next to the tub when i take a bath, she sleeps in the same bed, she has flown on an airplane, been in motel rooms, she goes to the movies, she goes absolutely everywhere i go.  24/7 .
She is much more than a dog.  Much more than a Service Dog' .  She is a part of me.

AnD now she is in pain.  Like me.  Like many of you.  She has double hip dysplasia, and needs surgery.  She is on daily pain meds. Like many of us.  They help her.  But she still struggles.
A friend of mine started a fundraiser website for Chewie, and so far.. In less than a week 1,160.00 has been raised there.  Also, there have been cash donations.  One was 1,250.00 !  In total, we have raised about ( i can't keep it straight 2795.00?  Fuzzy math. ;))
I never thought it would happen though.  Just a few weeks ago i was making plans to have Chewie put to sleep !  The Dallas estimate was over 11,200.00. For the operation, and it was to be paid in full before surgery !  It was unthinkable, and i had no options.

I called Texas A and M..got a referal from my vet.. My Red Hat Lady friend started the website... And the next thing i knew knew, people were donating money !!
AND TANM doesn't need all the money up front.  Or as much.  They will do both sides for hopefully less than 8,000.00
And the left side in june..giving us plenty of time to get things ready and raise the rest of the money.  ( or save if that's what we need to do)

Anyhow , please spread the word

This was on my mind, and i needed to post... So i did.
Thanks for comin by

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Thursday, April 24, 2014


hi folks -- this is me. yup Soul.  i am attempting a new blog to see if it will show up on the reading list - when i post.  so this is just a test post --- can y'all add me to your lists and see if it shows up? 

i don't know what happened to my updater on my other blog , but it doesn't show an update for a year.  and although i haven't written much, i have posted several in the past year.  it's very disheartening; to already feel disconnected from the world, but then to be blogging into a black hole; that is rarely  found by others, well ... it just makes it very heard to write, and or, write freely.  it seems very forced, and it is already difficult -- to write as it is.

anyhow -- this is all i will write for now -- until someone can let me know if you see me.

i sooooo hope this thing will auto update to your blogs and reader lists --

i really miss the days of waking up, and writing my endless soul posts to and with you.  and making my rounds, to see what is going on in your worlds.  
i miss our days of ' oh i can't wait to blog about this!'.   there was nothing i saw or did, back then, without thinking of y'all, and just having to tell you about it.

i miss you all so much.

i hope you all are happy and well in your worlds !

me?  i am just trying to live one day at a time, and live this life, on life's terms.

drop a note in the comment box -- i will leave ya one back.  i thrive on human contact.  i don't have a lot of that around here.  and honestly--- i despise facebook... but i take what i can get.