Friday, April 25, 2014

So, i have this really cool friend

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I really do love her.  I guess y'all have watched her grow up in pictures on facebook.
You've also seen and 'heard' / read , the many ways she changed ME.

With her my life gained a purpose, a routine, and wile training her, and watching her learn
So fast, and be so willing to please me, i gained a confidence i hadn't felt in years.

She is my companion, my friend, my confidant, my soul. My everything.  We are together all the time.  If i am home she is with me, if i go, she goes.  If i go somewhere she goes too.  She sits next to the tub when i take a bath, she sleeps in the same bed, she has flown on an airplane, been in motel rooms, she goes to the movies, she goes absolutely everywhere i go.  24/7 .
She is much more than a dog.  Much more than a Service Dog' .  She is a part of me.

AnD now she is in pain.  Like me.  Like many of you.  She has double hip dysplasia, and needs surgery.  She is on daily pain meds. Like many of us.  They help her.  But she still struggles.
A friend of mine started a fundraiser website for Chewie, and so far.. In less than a week 1,160.00 has been raised there.  Also, there have been cash donations.  One was 1,250.00 !  In total, we have raised about ( i can't keep it straight 2795.00?  Fuzzy math. ;))
I never thought it would happen though.  Just a few weeks ago i was making plans to have Chewie put to sleep !  The Dallas estimate was over 11,200.00. For the operation, and it was to be paid in full before surgery !  It was unthinkable, and i had no options.

I called Texas A and a referal from my vet.. My Red Hat Lady friend started the website... And the next thing i knew knew, people were donating money !!
AND TANM doesn't need all the money up front.  Or as much.  They will do both sides for hopefully less than 8,000.00
And the left side in us plenty of time to get things ready and raise the rest of the money.  ( or save if that's what we need to do)

Anyhow , please spread the word

This was on my mind, and i needed to post... So i did.
Thanks for comin by

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  1. Aww, Soul Sis, this was a great post... so much heart in the words! I am a witness to how Chewie has transformed your life, it totally amazes me! And having personally met the Chew, I can testify to what a big sweetheart she is! This thing she is dealing with is so unfair to her and to you, and I am hoping and praying that people will step up to help as much as they can. We're not just saving one life here, we're saving two! OXOX

  2. Thanks Jos, and that's the truth, it IS saving me too.
    I need to find that pic of you, me and the Chew !!! I adore that pic. I am so glad you met her. You saw haw she is in restraunts too ! Silent giant. ;))
    Hugs joz