Saturday, April 26, 2014

Plans ? What plans ?

Hiya peeps.
What's goin on in your worlds today ?  Here?  Well, here is the 'setting' round here ... I'm sittin here on my couch, same spot i seem to spend way too much time lately.  I am finishing up some beyond lukewarm coffee, with Chewie softly snoring beside me.  The TV is on, but I'm not paing is 'world's dumbest, or Most Shocking' or some such thing.  
I went to bed last night with Plans... Ummm, yes, i said it. Plans... That hubby, Chewie, and I would be heading out to our timeshare for a few days today.
Originally, it would have been for a week.  But, yeh... Hubby is now a decoy, at dog training.  You know, the guy that wears the big padded 'bite suit' - and gets 'attcked' by dogs. ;)). Well,  next weekend there is a dog trial, and he has to be a decoy in it.  So our week had already been cut short, in our 'Plans' .
Also... My child..who is no longer a child ... If she happened to grow up without your knowledge? Soulkid is now 20 years old.  Uuugggh.   She also happens to be three hours away, in Austin, visiting friends.  She went there on wednesday.. Thursday she called to make us aware that her power steering fluid was leaking like a siv.  So bad it was making noise, and causing steering problems.  Upon my urging for her to come home..before it could get worse..she continued to refuse.  AND NOW?  By the minute, it is getting worse.  She is continually pouring PS fluid in, and power steering fluid is continuing to leak/ pour out.  :((. ( deep, heavy, SIGH). We have no idea if it is a hose, a line, a pump, the container, the rack and pinion????   She won't take or send photos to her dad.  She can't grasp our worry or concern.  GOOD THING?  She will be coming home in a couple hours, hubby can head out and meet her half way or so... And hopefully fix it and get her home safely.
So... When i woke up this morning, with a deep sore throat, and my period, and all that fun lady stuff... It just clinched it.  Don't make plans Soul.  Ever.  You know better.
Take care of the kid, the car, the Chew... And just take things as they come.
This is Life on Life's Terms.  No other way i guess.
Stay in the now...
So this is my now

What's up in your NOW ?
Have a happy day in your world y'all

And look at this photo... This is Josie Two Shoes..
My Joz .. When she and her hubby stopped in town and had dinner a few months ago with me, hubby, and the infamous Chewie. ;))

I love this pic !


  1. Awww! I smiled when I saw that pic! I got to meet the Chew! And she was such a well-behaved girl at the restaurant! It just seems that on the rare times we travel through Dallas, it wouldn't be complete with out an impromptu meet-up with my Soul Sis!

    I know too well how disappointing it can be to anticipate a little away-together time and have it fall through. You really needed this break. But I'm feeling like so many things went against it that it must be God saying not a good idea right now. I've learned not to force things if they don't fall into place. Hopefully you can plan another time to go soon!

    As for the not-a-kid-anymore Soul Kid, it's not fair that she calls you for help with the problem, then won't cooperate with sending pics, etc. to help you diagnose the problem. Let's face it, at 20, she IS still very much a kid, I think we all were, more than we want to admit or realize, we just had a lot more responsibility on our plates. I'm praying for her to get home safely, and the car not to be another major hit in the billfold. How much school does she have left before she can become and independent wage-earner? I know you're about ready for a nice, quiet empty nest! :-)

    HUGS and happy Saturday, Soul Sis. Can you and Chew go fishin' soon? Walter is still out there waiting! OXOX

    1. Josie josie josie ... Hi there you. :)). Yup, i do love your visits when y'all pass through town! I wouldn't have it any other way. ;)).
      As for my girl, i rode along with souldaddy and retrieved her today. Turns out one of her power steering lines is cut. It's very strange. Almost like it may have been done intentionally. ;((. I was the one to troubleshoot it. It was fun for me. ;)). But i couldn't see, i could only feel the hose. But it felt gouged, or almost melted in a way. Hard to explain. I guess when we take it off tomorrow i will post a pic. It feels like there may be like three big cuts in it tho. Just weird. But anyways... We followed her back home. And of course, no one has the part in stock. ;0
      Ready for this? Volkswagon wants over 250.00 - for a rubber line !!!! Auto zone wants 50.00 !!! What is wrong with people ????
      I have a feeling it will be in the middle somewhere ... But still, that is just STUPID. it's a rubber hose !

    2. I'm so glad you were able to the Soul Kid home safely. The possibility that someone intentionally messed with her car scares me, not cool at all! I smile in knowing that you are one of the few moms who can troubleshoot a car with the best of 'em! :-) Yes, the parts game, it's crazy price gouging, and it makes me mad. I realize businesses have to make a profit, but why always when it is at the expense of people who are already struggling to keep their vehicles on the road. It isn't just car parts, its everything - prices have doubled and tripled so rapidly that going to the grocery store or even Wally Hell shocks me. How can I spend $100 and come home with a pound of hamburger, cat stuff, and cleaning supplies? LORD! How are our paychecks supposed to be enough to live on? It's a miracle that you two can fix it, I'd hate to think what the labor charges would be!

  2. Ok, if you aren't going to get away for your birthday, I want to hear some other fun plans to celebrate! Are you still going to the Red Hats luncheons? I know they do birthdays up with style!

  3. Another Birthday rolls around, eh? It's funny how that keeps happening. In my corner of the world, we aren't too excited by them. I agree with Jos, if you can't get away for the big day then at least do something. I hope this day is a good one for you. Hugs.

    1. Hiya Jamie ...
      Yup. Birthdays... Yaaay. We shall see. At least i'll be with the fam. And of course The Chew.
      Stay the course my friend
      Hugs to you too

  4. I'm here....I'll be back. Great to read you again. Prayers for Chewie. C.

    1. VAL .... you have been missed .. Good to see you.
      I hope all is well in your world these days.
      Thanks for the Chewie prayers.

  5. Yay Soul, all your friends are checkin' in! :-) Now get your butt busy and put a new post up here! :-)) (nag, nag, nag OXOX)

  6. First, I love that picture of you two.

    I have a stubborn daughter as well except she is a bit opposite. She expects that she can tell me what her car is doing and I'll magically know how to fix it and if I don't, I'm in trouble. I'm in trouble a lot because I can fix your computer, build it from scratch, scrub it clean if it gets infected without losing any of your data but a car, hell, that's why god made mechanics.

    Good to see you blogging again. :)

  7. Hiya Frank.. Great to see you here. ;))
    If ya look real close, CHEWIE is in the pic too. ;))
    That was a great visit. ;))

    Yeh, daughters, what can ya do right. :))