Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Really ?

Hiya folks.
How's life ?  How's life.... Really ?
Cuz for me?  I can say... Just dandy.  My life is just dandy.
That wouldn't be a lie.  I don't get beat on.  And things could really be much worse.
In a lot of ways.
But yep, i will admit... Things could be a lot better too.
How bout for you?
What would you be willing to give up.... For just a little more happiness?
Cuz, for me?   I would give up a lot at this point.  Just to be a little happier.
I would eat less, i would live in a smaller house, i would live in a different state....but maybe not a colder one.   I would live on less money.
Less people.

Does anone wanna run away ?

Cuz i do.

I'll pack light....  Or not at all

Where we goin?



  1. Running away? Naw, I like where I am, if not physically, definitely with who is stuck here with me.

    I need to give things up to be healthier, live longer, be more productive. And I'm trying. But being me is fun and I'm still in a place where fun is more important to me than longevity.

  2. I've contemplated that a time or few in life, and you know that, and you know that at the end of my last marriage I did up an run away... ran for my life more or less. But there were reasons, valid reasons. I'm hearing rumblings from your neck of the woods that maybe there are reasons you want/need to run too. The only caution I give you is to make sure those reasons are valid, and not based on irrational fears or over-active anxieties. But, if the situation you are in is no longer fitting right, then its time to address that one way or another. Start with some very real conversations, maybe with an impartial counselor or such who could help you get down to the bottom of what's changed, since home used to be a place you loved to be. You know I'm always here for you Soul Sis, if you need to vent, send me an email or a FB msg. I loves ya, and your peace of mind matters to me! OXOX

  3. I was at the airport sending my daughter off not to long ago. My thought was wouldn't it be easy to just buy a ticket anywhere and disappear. I'm no t beat either but I really don't like my situation at the moment either. Vent away! It does help to sort your thoughts out in a safe place.

    1. out of curiosity Kristy-- has that changed for you? I hope so. because care ya know. I want you to be happy.

  4. does anybody get notified when i write in this box??? because here i am... 2 years later. almost. i feel the same way. i refuse to -- to put this nice as can... i refuse to live the rest of my life having more bad days than good. i deserve to happy.
    that is all.

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