Thursday, February 11, 2016

Aint Nobody Got Time For That

howdy folks

how's things peoples?  hope all is well.  nope i haven't changed my ways in punctuation.  hope ya don't mind.  it takes too long to find the find the keys to capitalize -- i have to look down and then re- focus and all that jazz.  nope -- can't do that.  especially when i have a lot to say.  yeh-- that hasn't been an issue lately -- but ya never know when inspiration might hit.

anyhow -- i do happen to be in a hurry right now-- i have less than an hour to write a post here - take a shower and get to the doctor.  i have a lovely annual physical, and the dreaded pap  today.  oh gee, yes go ahead and add that, i'd love to go in and be seen like that.  i would have said no thank you -- i'll have that another time - when the receptionist who made my appointment asked if i wanted it -- but -- as some of you know, i recently lost my best friend to cancer.  well, it was (cervical) cancer.  she had let ten years pass without having a pap done.  ten friggin years.  now i know none of us like to have these things done... but they really are necessary.  especially for those of us who have a family history of issues in the female department.  and i do.  i have also had bad paps in the past -- so -- when she asked if i wanted to schedule it-- i said sure.  and i am of course going to do this with a pure disdain and hate for the whole situation.  i hate them.  but i know it could save my life.  i do this for those who love me. so -- you better appreciate it.  :))

guess where else i'm going today??  one of my friends is actually trusting me enough to train her dog.  i hope i am god enough to do that.  i think i am.  it's just that it's been a while.  i trained chewie-- and i did a great job with her.  this dog is a small breed.. a dachshund, i think.  i'm not used to small dogs anymore.  we are meeting later after the doctor.  wish me luck on that.  hopefully i can do it.

i would like to get another small dog for myself.  another Min Pin, like Sushi.  i love those dogs.  they are so fun and cute.  
i also was recently considering a yellow lab -- as a 'back up' service dog'.  you know... to retire chewie and train a lab for my main service dog.  i pretty much reconsidered that idea after a few days.   the pro and con list is pretty evenly balanced -- but it's just not a good idea.  at least not right now.  maybe later on down the road somewhere.

well... anyhow -- i better get in the showah -- the doctah awaits.  i do not want to go.  yuk.  in fact, if i had my druthers -- i'd ruther sit here and play on the computer for a while, and color for a few hours before having to move.  ugh.
i sure have been tired lately.  i have this weird insomnia thing goin on.  i can be up alllll night long -- then sometimes fall asleep around ten am, wake up at 6 -- pm -- on a good night - bed at 12 -- be ok for a couple days -- then it'll hit again and i won't sleep until 'bed time the next day -- -- i don't know -- but it wipes me out.  been goin on for maybe 2-3 months... maybe more.   i hate it.

ok -- i really better go this time.  catchya later --

have happy days in your worlds -- i will


  1. Insomnia, sucks... I hope your sleeping get's sorted out, I have been doing a stricter night time routine of herbal tea and quiet things through out the evening to eventutally quiet my head to sleep. It slowly has been working

    1. hi- glad your routine is beginning to work. i think i have slept fine for two nights in a row... but-- i wake up really tired-- which is new. but oh well. that'll change too -- in time.

  2. Ugh, I must also go for one of those awful check ups. I believe it's been longer than 10 years. Have fun 😉

    1. well get on it -- audrey went ten years.. damn, that's a long time. she was ate up by then. it's so sad. please get checked out!