Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It Happens Every Time

hi peoples --
yep -- not only did i miss a day - but i'm late -- and not only am i late -- every time i tried to get in here and write something -- something happened to interrupt or stop me. otherwise, i woulda had a post written and up 2 or 3 hours ago.. at least.  but noooo.  i am me afterall.  remember?

so anyhow.  yeh, i'm pretty disappointed about not blogging yesterday.  I intended to, but i was really busy.  right now i couldn't tell you what i was busy doing, but i was busy doing something.  lots of somethings.
SO.  Strike One for me.  just in case anyone is counting.

as for today ?  i bet i tried and failed fifteen times (including thoughts - along with actual attempts) to write a post today.  just couldn't do it.  i got interrupted one way or another - every time.  this time?  i pushed through -- even though , as soon as I opened the page to write --- messages binged and the phone rang -- yes-- at the same time.  no idea why i had so many distractions , but i did.
and i can say too, that with all these distractions come even more distractions..... like being unable to focus - or think.  because i keep waiting for the next interruption.  ugh.  sooo frustrating.

anyhow.  where shall i begin?
today.  today has not been a bad day. it's been a very busy day.  nearly non-stop til around 5.  i didn't even realize how busy i was, or how fast the day had gone until i finally sat down to catch my breath and have a glass of water.  i looked at the clock on the wall and was shocked to see that it was nearly 4:56.  crazy.  it was a successful day though.  i did get a lot accomplished.  which is more than i can say for many of my days in the recent past.  so yeh.  kudos to me.  

hubs got home shortly after that - and we went to dinner -- mexican food.  i love mexican food... but i gotta say -- the mexican food here in north texas, isn't as good as the mexican food in south texas or in california.  i wish it was.  i miss that kinda mexican food.  and would someone tell me.... WTH is texican food?  cuz it tastes like shitinacan food.

my trip to chicago is getting closer.  i am getting so excited .  i wish i could go right now!  i could actually -- well, i could Have.  but now, my ticket is bought.  so i can't.  and the dates i chose are the days my sister will be there too.  that's why i picked those specific dates - is so i could see her as well as the rest of the kids.
but yup-- gettin some ants in my pants about that.

ugh.  there is just nothin to write about right now.  there is.  but there isn't.
so- seein as i'm watching a movie, i reckon i shall put you out of your misery and sign off for now.  maybe in the morning i will have something a bit more substantial to say.

thanks for coming by-- gnight


  1. I can so relate to a million distractions and just being plain busy

    1. i know kristy -- i think we're sisters - :)