Friday, February 5, 2016

short n to the dull point

guten morgen to you---
I don't have much to say -- but that's ok- i don't have much time to write anyhow.  i just wanted to pop in and say something... just because -- i'm trying to keep on track of writing every day.  so far - so good... so i gotta keep it up.
i have actually, not just been working on blogging every day -- but it's an entire routine thing.  because... for the last long while, my entire days - life--have gone to shit.  i have literally found that i can, and do- sit in my chair for the entire day - from morning til night - and do absolutely nothing .   i color .  i actually color all day , unless i absolutely have to go or do something.  part of that has to do with grief.  i will let you know that.  in fact i pretty much have some valid reasons --- this time... for my slugness.  perhaps these things will come to light for you-- if there is a you -- in the near future.  but anyhow --- as usual... just as i am gettin loosened up-- the kid walks through and i lose my train of thought.  hmmmmmmm
so, is that gonna be all ya get today?  that i have been a slug for a couple months? i don't know.  looks like it.  cuz i have stuff to do.
maybe i will come back later after i get my business for the day taken care of.  we will see.  if not- i will back in the mornin.  hope to see you here.

y'all have happy days in your worlds today-- I will!


  1. I'm glad your coming around. Remember, baby steps, I look forward to seeing more of your blog :)

  2. There's been times I've slept the whole day away. I'm also prone to daydreaming while reading a book and getting totally off track and have to go back pages because I can't remember what I read. "What's it all about Alfie" Things will get better, we have to believe that.

    1. i do the same thing Val! that's why i just can't read books. i buy them all the time. just cannot read. maybe some day.