Saturday, February 6, 2016

I'm late but I'm here

howdy folks !
how was y'alls days?  I hope you didn't waste much time looking for me today?  I was too busy to get in here before now.  I was tempted to wait until tomorrow, but I couldn't get relaxed enough to not blog.  that is a good sign.  not a full week into my commitment and it's working!  so--- here I am.  unfortunately, I don't a lot to say.  hang in there though... it won't be much longer til i get back in the groove and i get this thing going smooth again.
anyhow -- did I tell you I'm gettin ready to go to Chicago to visit my family soon?  cuz I am.  and I am very excited about that.  i was there almost 2 years ago i guess? since then, my nephew and his wife who live there have had a new baby boy, and he is having his first birthday already during the time i will be there.  Isn't that exciting??  it is to me.  I tell ya ,, when I went out there last time to visit I was hangin by a thread emotionally, and that 'baby love' , and seeing my nephew, and my sister, was total healing for me.  there's just nothing like it.  i can't even explain the way it made me feel inside.  i won't even try.  i just know that i can't wait to get to get there.  there's just something about being near your kin.  and baby love.  man oh man.

obviously--this pic is a year old -- but here are the babies I'm goin to see --- the boys are Mason, and - Issac (the new one is Issac)- the girl is Hayden.  they are soooo damn sweet i can't stand it!!!!

they live in Chicago- like I said, and I just can't handle that kinda cold weather.  so , even if it was possible, i couldn't move closer to them, because the weather would kill me.   on the other hand -- my older nephew -- he has a baby boy too -- he's goin 3 (I think) and they also have a new baby on the way -- they live in Florida :))  Now THAT could happen.  maybe someday, if circumstances changed.  ya just never know.

Look at this boy -- Conrad -- the Rad man---


i just can't stand it....

ok.  well, on that note, i must go to bed.

see ya tomorrow.



  1. Adorable! I miss reading your sister's she still writing? I lost track of her. Anyway, give her my best when you see her, k?

  2. Nope. I'm trying to get her to blog again too though