Saturday, February 13, 2016

i'm too tired

hiya peeps --

i just woke up in my chair.  i'm barely awake as it is , just wanted to write something here before i start my day.

i was sittin here drinking coffee a while ago.. then just a minute ago i woke up.  you know how that happens, when ya doze off, and don't really notice, right?

well, here i am, and i wake up in my chair... this is something that happens very often lately, at night.. i fall asleep in my chair and will wake up at 3 am, and waddle off to bed.   well, just now when i woke up-- i i was about to start to gather my crap -- my phone, water, e-cig, etc....  when suddenly, i realize , it's friggin 10:10 AM-- and daytime.. time to be starting the day -- not ending it.  
if I don't get this sleep problem fixed -- all the way fixed -- i am gonna obviously have a big a big problem.    wow.  that woulda ruined my entire day if i wouda just went back to bed at 10 in the morning.


anyhow -- y'all have happy days -- i will !


  1. I hope you can figure out your sleep soon. It is awful when sleep is thrown off kilter as it messes with everything. Be gently to yourself , soul

    1. Ditto that to you Kristy -
      thanks for coming by :))

  2. Hey!!! I'm back for an update!!!