Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Some things Never Change

hiya peeps--

yep, I had big plans for this morning's post.  my first full free morning - alone for writing.   hubby at work.. kid asleep --- dogs put up... and Chewie..well, she is the queen dog, she is never a problem.  just like old times.  yep.  that was my plan.  did it happen that way?  well, no.  because here I sit now -- feeling rushed.  the kid is now up -- her crazy crackhead dog is up running amok with mine in the back yard - my coffee is cold, which means I have to leave the comfort of my chair - to drag my owchy body to go get a re-fill.  it's also starting to get hot in here- so  i need to adjust the temp on the thermostat- (I would have added that I needed to remove this big ole throw off of me.. but  that's a given, because obviously, that goes when I get my self up -- right?  so much happening in just one few seconds since I signed on --  aren't ya glad you came by?  not much has changed around here.  I can still make your getting a cup of coffee entertaining for you.  BRB

--- well, I have finally returned , and would you believe that almost a full hour has passed?  I have switched , and folded & put away laundry, wrapped a birthday gift, balanced my checkbook, got dressed for the day, and washed my dishes since I left ---??

OH -- THAT is one thing that has changed since 'we haven't been regularly visiting'/blogging' --do 'Y'all' remember my horrible disdain for washing dishes ?      Well guess what?  I have been healed of that malady.  :))  I have become a normal person who can wash my dishes, and clean my kitchen with happy heart.   I bet that sounds unusual for you folks who don't really know me.. the way some others do.  But yes.  I don't think it was a pure and total change -- but a 'return' to myself.  because I wasn't always a hater of cleaning.  WHICH -- I must say -- brings me hope --- because -- there are other things that must be changed -- and THAT -- (Is THE key ---- and THIS is the MOMENT that it hit me .. and THAT is why i HAVE to start writing again you guys.   OMG.  

ok....  I don't know who-- if anyone.. maybe Val.. cuz you came by and know I'm back... but listen... I'm just gonna  spit it out -- kinda -- cuz the ONE thing that hasn't changed -- is my --- shit--- what's the word????  -- when I write.. and make no sense-- because I skirt around the issue and make the reader have to figure out what I'm saying??? help me out Charlotte...???  am I thinking of "Cryptic?
well that's what I will call it for now... anyhow -- yeh ... my cryptic -- cryptic posts -- because -- there is a lot I can't say full out loud right now.  k?

anyhow -- ... crap... now I lost my place... know why? cuz I'm in a hurry.  I have to go somewhere -- but-- I'll be back.. and I can say that and mean it this time..again.  cuz .. yeh.. OH yeh.. THAT reminds me -- yup right in the middle of my revalation!

check THIS out -- cept you VAl.. cuz you know --

but everyone else -- from the old group -- use this as motivation... let's ALL start blogging again.. k?  let's bring our old group back together.  don't y'all miss it.. still?  I don't know about you.. but Facebook just doesn't cut it for me.  Facebook is like making a relationship the way Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds have turned into KFC and Micky D's -- when they shortened their names-- the quality of their food went downhill too.  I don't have time to explain that -- but if you know Me--you get it.

but (The rest of this is (speaking of shortcuts--shame on me--is copy/pasted--cuz I really do gotta GO---)--
it seems like 'Back then' -- when 'whatever' happened - it happened to the entire group - at the same time.  it's like it didn't even dwindle away -- it just imploded all at once - and the entire blog world - as 'WE' knew it was gone in an instant.  I know 'it' won't come back that fast -- or maybe ever be the same ... but how bout you and I - - and any others reading this who want to give it another go round -- let's make February be THE month to get back on track.  it takes 28 days to MAKE a habit -- guess what there's 28 days in February! -- yes, a few have gone already -- but there's time!   Blog your little hearts out- and make sure you let us know HERE that you have :) GO! 

(funny how that last paragraph just fell right into place)

I hope you ALL have Happy days in your worlds today -- I Will!


  1. You're right about how all our blogs just stopped right about the same time. I had basically run out of stuff to talk about and my daughter kept pressuring me about Facebook. She set me up and I go to it every day but rarely post anything. Seems like if I want to find out what's going on in the family, I have to read it on Facebook and I hate that. I will say I've connected with some old friends again and I'm happy about that but over all I'm not that impressed with it. Like most things, the teens and early 20 year olds seem to have taken it over.

  2. Does that mean you're getting back on the blog train with me? ����

    1. well trying is better than not .
      look for me on facebook eh?

  3. I miss blogging also! Good for you that you changed your hate for dishes around. It is funny because I used to hate them for awhile and now dont mind them because I drift away looking outside and go to a nice place in my mind. I love how orderly my kitchen has become and how much simpler everything is when it is clean and shines. I know what you mean with a happy heart instead of dread. It used to be dread for me and now it isnt a big deal. It took a lot to change the dread though.

  4. I feel the same way -- Yes i LOVE my clean kitchen!! and I am so happy you do too.